It is a big damn week here at Secret Farnsworth HQ.

FIRST, I was at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books all weekend, thanks to the grace of the incomparable Maret Orliss, who runs the whole thing. I got to shake the hand of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who was very gracious despite my squealing like a little schoolgirl. I saw friends and family moderate panels on literary families and prisons and punishment. Then I signed books at Mystery Ink before sharing a panel with big damn heroes Lee Goldberg, Eric Jerome Dickey, Gregg Hurwitz, and Daniel Suarez. We had a great time. Hopefully the audience had some fun, too. 


NEXT UP: TUESDAY, APRIL 25, the paperback edition of KILLFILE hits shelves. If you've been waiting for a snazzy, portable version of the story of a man who can read minds, now's your chance. Pick up a copy at your local indie bookstore or online.


WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26, my first comic book, 24: LEGACY -- RULES OF ENGAGEMENT from IDW Publishing will be out. This is a prequel to Fox's hit series, and basically tells the origin story of Eric Carter, the man who has to fill Jack Bauer's shoes. You can get a copy at any comic book store or at If you'd like to see a free preview, check it out here.

And FINALLY, as if that wasn't enough, later this week I will make an announcement about Nathaniel Cade. Not too huge, but it should be welcome news for anyone who's missed the President's Vampire... So stay bloodthirsty, and stay tuned.