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This is the official website of the writer Christopher Farnsworth.

His latest book, KILLFILE, about a former psychic spy named John Smith, is on sale now everywhere from William Morrow. You can order it on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, or get a copy at your local bookstore through IndieBound. The next John Smith adventure, FLASHMOB, will be released June 27, 2017. You can pre-order your copy here.

He is also the author of THE ETERNAL WORLD, a novel about the Fountain of Youth, and the Nathaniel Cade series, about a vampire who works for the President of the United States. Blood Oath, The President’s Vampire, and Red, White, and Blood are all available from G.P. Putnam’s Sons. A short novella about Cade, The Burning Men, is available from Amazon.com. The Cade books were finalists for the Goodreads Choice awards, translated into nine languages and published in more than a dozen countries, and optioned for film and television.

His first comic book, 24: LEGACY -- RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, is now being published by IDW Entertainment.

Christopher’s work has also appeared in the Los Angeles Times, the New York Post, the New RepublicWashington Monthly, and on The Awl. Born and raised in Idaho, he worked as an award-winning investigative and business reporter before selling his first script, THE ACADEMY, to MGM.

He is represented by Alexandra Machinist of ICM Partners. For inquiries about film and TV rights to his books, please contact Josie Freedman at ICM Partners in Los Angeles. For television, please contact Howie Tanenbaum at ICM Partners in Los Angeles.

He can be reached at chris[at]chrisfarnsworth.com.


Praise for KILLFILE:

“Fast, fun, and frenetic. A whip-smart edge-of-your-seat thriller. I enjoyed the hell out of it.”

     — Ernest Cline, author of READY PLAYER ONE and ARMADA

“Christopher Farnsworth has written a blistering, provocative, and propulsive novel — reading KILLFILE is the equivalent of being strapped to the nosecone of a ballistic missile hurtling through the sky at 5,000 MPH. Which is to say, it’s one hell of a ride.”

     — Nick Cutter, author of THE TROOP and THE DEEP

“Part James Bond, part Jason Bourne, part Professor X, only smarter, wittier, and can run faster. Adrenaline action at its mind-reading best. Christopher Farnsworth’s KILLFILE unleashes the greatest weapon ever: the human mind.”

     — Beau Smith, creator/writer of WYNONNA EARP

 “Like his protagonist, Chris Farnsworth is a mind reader: he knows how to keep me hooked until I reach the last page.  KILLFILE is his best yet.”

     — Ian Tregillis, author of BITTER SEEDS and THE RISING

“From the very first page of KILLFILE, I knew I was in the hands of a master storyteller. Christopher Farnsworth delivers his best thriller yet, and I can’t wait to read whatever he comes up with next.”

     — Boyd Morrison, author of THE ARK and THE EMPEROR’S REVENGE (with Clive Cussler)

“Telepathy and dirty deeds have been a staple since at least Bester’s The Demolished Man, but Christopher Farnsworth has demonstrated in KILLFILE that there’s still fresh territory to be claimed there. Mixing a deliciously readable hybrid of “man on the run” adventure with technothriller elements and a protagonist with a powerful telepathic talent that doesn’t hesitate to kick him in the balls on occasion, Killfile is, in the final analysis, bloody good fun.”

— Jonathan Howard, author of JOHANNES CABAL THE NECROMANCER


“Farnsworth offers a fantastical witch’s brew of Spanish conquistadors, biotechnology, and hubris… With cinematic pacing and colorful action scenes, Farnsworth blends a unique premise into fun summer reading. Michael Crichton’s gone, but Farnsworth entertainingly explores the border where science fantasy meets reality.” — Kirkus Reviews

“The discovery of the fountain of youth kick-starts this excellent fantasy thriller from Farnsworth… The realistic approach is one of this inventive novel’s major strengths.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“I’ve been a fan of Christopher Farnsworth ever since his first book, and he just keeps getting better. The Eternal World has exactly what I look for in great adventure fiction: a compelling plot, memorable characters, top-notch action scenes, and heart-stopping twists.”  — Boyd Morrison, author of The Ark and, with Clive Cussler, Piranha

“If you’re looking for action and adventure with a supernatural twist, Farnsworth’s your man.” — The New York Post

“Farnsworth has blended history, espionage, suspense, science, and even a bit of romance so well that it’s hard to place this novel within a specific genre and even harder to put it down.” — Marcus Hammond, Luxury Reading

Praise for Christopher Farnsworth and the Nathaniel Cade books:

“…an irresistible page-turner…”  — Elizabeth Hand, author of Wylding Hall, in the Washington Post

“…Witty, exciting, and compulsively readable…” — John Connolly, bestselling author of Every Dead Thing and A Song of Shadows

“Simply fun… I’m envious… this is an excellent read.” — Charlaine HarrisNew York Times–bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse series

“Farnsworth keeps the twists and explosive violence coming, keeping readers in suspense until the very last page.” — Publishers Weekly